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It's time to love your mane!



At Top Knot Salon we chose Oligo Calura & Calura Gloss to help us create our hair masterpieces because we are not only worried about hair health, but also what chemicals are being put on your scalp as well. We chose Oligo for several reasons:

  • exothermic technology maximize dye penetration & minimalize damage

  • no ammonia


  • certified organic essences

Oligo believes whats not there is just as important as what is. Their exceptional Calura Styling & Care line is:

  • Paraben FREE

  • Gluten FREE

  • Sulfate FREE


  • No Artificial Colors

So your a Blondie? No Problem! Oligo created the Blacklight Styling & Care line that is specifically formulated to restore amino acids & moisture to make sure your hair stays healthy!  This line is formulated with 11 Amino Acids, Argan Oil, Sulfate FREE, Salt FREE, Paraben FREE, & Vegan. 

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